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does it works for 84x bits


You were inspired by M.C Escher’s Reptiles. Confess it.:)

This is super cute! And pretty fun to fly around and set everything alight :P

My main issue is that the movement is a bit janky sometimes, and the WebGL version lags A TON. I couldn't get a smooth framerate until I downloaded the standalone version. I think you might wanna look into adding some occlusion culling, LODs or something similar to optimize the game.

But other than than well done! I like it.


Hey! Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed playing! WebGL optimization has been tricky to say the least. We'll be sure look into those lag issues you were talking about, good suggestions!


Love this game and your art style!
But finally the game freezes with Out of Memory error. QAQ


Hey! Glad you enjoyed the game! Awesome video. We're currently working on cleaning up some of the issues that we didn't quite have the time to address during the jam. Be on the lookout for any changes!